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Ismael Barajas Playing at Desert Springs January 26th from 5-7 PM

Ismael Barajas, Latin / Classical and Flamenco guitarist began Playing guitar at the age of 13 years of age, Listening to records of Mexican guitarist Antoñio Bibriesca and Cuco Sanchez also Spanish Guitarist Sabicas. He would also accompany his Father, Miguel Barajas and his fathers’ friends at family gatherings singing Mexican favorites. Less than one year later, he gave his first public concert. The response was so overwhelming, patrons of the arts formed an organization to sponsor his formal training.

Ismael Barajas then began his formal training in the Classical and Flamenco styles with Spains Royal family of the guitar, The Romeros. His Flamenco Guitar training also continued with Carlos Montoya, Jesus De Jerez and Eduardo Santiago Figueroa.

He was awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Arizona, School of Music. In conjunction with his studies he began teaching guitar in the Tucson, Arizona public school system, and the University of Arizona. Ismael toured extensively performing with Flamenco dancers and Flamenco companies throughout the United States and Mexico.

Through the years, Ismael has appeared on many radio and television programs in the United States and Mexico. He made a cameo appearance on the television series Legend for the Paramount network, starring Richard Dean Anderson and John Delancie. For many years, Ismael has performed in clubs throughout the states of Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. However, he mainly performs in Tucson, Arizona, where he has been the leader of his band Tu Son (Tu meaning “your” and Son meaning the “beat of life,” “pulse,” or “heartbeat”). His five-piece and his three-piece band versions play a blend of styles using salsa, jazz, and Bossa-Nova, Classical, Flamenco, as well as Mexican folk music.

In the resent years Ismael Barajas has been performing more as a Solo Guitarist with great success playing in the styles of Jazz, Bossa-Nova, Classical, traditional Mexican folk, original compositions and Flamenco.

Ismael Barajas has recorded 13 Albums with a 14th Album in the works, Ismael Barajas and his Band “TuSon” Won a Tammie in 1995 for Best Latin Jazz Band. He was inducted to the Tucson Musicians Hall of fame in 2008 and is proud to be a grandfather of nineteen grandchildren and a great grandfather of two. Currently Ismael owns and runs his own private recording studio where he spends most of his time recording his music and recording projects for other Artists. It is not often that Ismael performs these days so it’s always a good idea to catch him on stage for one of his performances.

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