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RV Parking & Casita Rentals

RV Lot Rates
Casita Rentals

RV's, trailers and 5th wheels are welcome (they must be thirteen years or newer). Exceptions may be made by management. Minimum monthly stay, unless approved by management. We are a non smoking community.

RV Rates:

(Electricity is paid by tenant, $250 deposit to reserve RV Lot)  

*Rates vary based on RV lot, type, and season.

*Types include brick paved, gravel, location, and size.

*Full payment is due six months prior to arrival.

*Travel insurance is encouraged. 

Monthly Rates:  

June: $650-$750   

July: $650-$750    

August: $650-$750

September: $650-$950   

October: $750-$1,100 

November: $850-$1,100   

December: $900-$1,200  

January: $1,000-$1,600 

February: $1,200-$1,800  

March: $1,000-$1,200  

April: $800-$1,100   

May: $750-$950

Annual lease paid in full: $7,000 (no refunds)

Semi-Annual lease paid in full: $4,900 (no refunds) 

Casita Rentals: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 400 sqft homes

Casita Rentals: Minimal monthly stay, unless approved by management. Casitas have all appliances, linens and kitchenware in furnished units.  

Monthly Casita Lease:


 Seasonal rates: 

1 Month $4,000 (Monthly / Furnished)

3 Months $3,400 (Monthly / Furnished)

6 Months $2,200 (Monthly / Furnished)

12 Months $1,300 (Monthly / Furnished)

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